Add rtc-config object to amp-ad units

Once the placements creation and the GAM connexion are complete, you need to add the rtc-config object in your AMP tags. Real Time Config (RTC) is an AMP feature used for Header Bidding to make request calls to your SSPs.

RTC setup

Add the rtc-config object in your amp-ad unit, as in the following example:

                "nexx360": {
                  "ACCOUNT_ID": "ENTER YOUR CUSTOMER ID",
                  "TAG_ID": "ENTER YOUR PLACEMENT ID"

Replace “ACCOUNT_ID” and “TAG_ID” with your unique IDs, which can be found in the “Sites management” tab:

  • ACCOUNT_ID => Customer ID present at the top right of the UI.

  • TAG_ID => Placement ID available on each line of the placements list.

If you have configured a CMP, ensure to link the call to amp-adunit to the user consent by adding the attribute data-block-on-consent in the ad unit.

Integrate the following script in the<head> :

<script async custom-element="amp-consent" src=""></script>

The rtc-config code can be directly copied from the button on the top right of the website page "View rtc-config".

You can add the cookie-sync functionality to help bidders identify the user and bid accordingly. While this step is optional, it is recommended to improve attractiveness to bidders.

This process is GDPR compliant, as it will not be executed if a user doesn't provide consent.

Here is the script to add to your page:


Implementation recommendations:

  • The iframe must be either 600 px away from the top or not within the first 75% of the viewport when scrolled to the top.

  • To display a valid iframe, please add the amp-iframe component on your AMP page (if not already present). See required script below:

<script async custom-element="amp-iframe" src=""></script>

👉 See additional documentation here:

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