Implement throttling

Within the "Throttling" tab located in the "Account settings" section, you can access details about your adstack performance and implement a throttling strategy.

Nexx360 has developped an algorithm that assesses your inventory on a scale from A to F (A being the best, F the least performant). This classification is determined by a combination of factors such as placement, SSP, browser, OS, geo, etc., and takes into consideration bid rate, bid value, and revenue.

Setting up throttling enables rationalizing the volume of requests sent to bidders based on their response rate or the revenue they generate. In short, throttling means keeping only relevant requests.

In the example below, the publisher opted to retain 50% of the requests for category D, 20% for category E and 5% for category F. Categories A, B and C remain unfiltered, with all requests being sent.

It is mandatory to maintain at least 5% for each category to ensure continued analysis of behavior and automatic adaptation.

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