Create blocklists

Within the "Blocklist" tab located in the "Account settings" section, you have the ability to oversee and control your blocklist, providing a centralized management solution for all your bidders. Various types of blocks are at your disposal:

  • IAB category: Choose the IAB category that you wish to restrict on your inventory.

  • Advertiser domain: Input the advertiser domains you want to block, specifying one URL per line.

  • Geotargeting: Determine whether to limit bid requests to specific countries or exclude certain ones.

  • Authorized language: Select what language you authorize for creatives.

The information is transmitted in the bid request to the bidders. In the event that these limitations are overlooked by the bidders, Nexx360 conducts a check on the bid response to ensure compliance with the specified requirements. If the response fails to meet the criteria, Nexx360 blocks the bid. It's important to note that this process relies on the goodwill of the SSP, as some SSPs may not furnish this information voluntarily.

You can also manage the blocklist at the site level if you need to apply different blocklists depending on the inventory.

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