Smart autorefresh

This feature allows to refresh an ad slot based on defined criteria to ensure a constant or higher quality of inventory, and simultaneously, create additional inventory.

The basic settings to trigger the refresh are as follows:

  • The ad slot has been viewed, according to IAB standard (one impression is visible when at least 50% of its surface has been viewed for at least 1 second).

  • The ad placement is still visible on the user's screen.

Then you have the option to refine the refresh settings in accordance with your strategy:

  • Select the campaigns for which you want to authorize the refresh:

    • Fill in the GAM campaigns IDs with this specific format: ["XXXXXXXXX1","XXXXXXXXX2","XXXXXXXXX3"].

    • By default, the rule is to include, but you can also exclude selected campaigns by clicking on the "Exclude - Include" button.

  • Define a time interval that will trigger the refresh every "X" seconds. The recommended value is 30 seconds but can be changed.

  • Restriction of refresh occurrences by placement.

This feature can be activated and configured by site ("Edit the website" button). It allows you to define a customized strategy for each site.

Additional impressions and revenue generated by this feature can be estimated in your Google Ad Manager account via the key-value "nexx360_refresh":

  • 0: for regular impressions

  • 1: for refreshed impressions

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