Add and manage placements

After creating the website, you can proceed to create placements associated with it by either clicking on the website name or selecting the "Manage placements" button.

Two options are available to create placements: add one single placement or add multiple placements.

Add a single placement

This is the simplest option if you only have a few placements to create. Click on the "Add a single placement" button at the top left.

On the placement creation page, fill in the placement name, which can be modified later if necessary.

Configure bid reduction if needed.

👉🏼 More info here.

You also have the option to set up a pricefloor for a specific placement. Activate the "Pricefloor" feature and specify the CPM floor below which you do not want to sell the impression. This information will be included in the bid request.

Following this, select the SSPs you want to activate for this placement and provide the required information. If an SSP is not available in the list, contact us at to have it added.

If a SSP is not available in the list, please contact us at to have it added.

Save your placement at the bottom the page. A unique ID will be generated for each placement.

Add multiple placements

If you have numerous placements to create, the second option, which enables you to import information through a single file, can be more efficient. Follow these steps:

1. Placements names creation

To export the template and populate it, start by creating unique IDs for the placements.

Click on the "Add multiple placements" button to access a new window, where you can input or paste the names of the placements to be created. You can add up to 100 occurrences at once, with one placement per line.

2. Template export

Following that, you can download the template in .csv format by clicking on the "Bulk upload" button at the top right and choosing "Placements". In the pop-up window, simply click on "Download the template".

3. Template filling

Once the template is downloaded, you can start to fill it with some specific rules to respect:

  • The column headings should not be modified.

  • Do not delete or add columns. If some columns are not applicable, leave them empty.

  • You can delete lines if they are no longer relevant for the import (you can also leave them empty). However, it's not possible to add a new line for a placement that hasn't been created yet.

  • Values in column A, B and D ("id", "name", "site_name") should not be modified.

  • Values in column C ("is_archived") must be "0" or "1": "0" for inactive / "1" for active.

  • Values in column E ("pricefloor_is_active") must be "0" or "1": "0" for inactive / "1" for active.

  • Values in column F ("pricefloor_cpm") must be a number.

  • Values on "ssp_is_active" columns (example: column G - "adform_is_active") must be "0", "1" or "2": "0" for disabled / "1" for active / "2" for paused.

  • If a SSP is configured as activated with the "1" value, all fields are mandatory and must be filled (except those mentioned with "optional").

When your template is filled, don't forget to save it.

4. Template import

You must now import your filled template into the Nexx360 UI through the "Bulk upload" button on the "Sites management" page or "List of placements", choose "Placements" and click on "Upload the filled template".

You can import your file in .csv, .xls or .xlsx.

During the import, the system will control that your template is correct. If it's the case, your placements will be updated with the filled information. If your template includes errors, a message will inform you and list the issues. You'll then need to correct them and re-upload your template.

Manage placements

On the "List of placements" screen, you can view the list of all the placements you created with their IDs and active SSPs. You can filter by name or active SSPs or via a "Search" field.

For each placement, various actions are available:

  • Edit the placement enables you to modify your placement settings at any time, and these changes will be deployed within approximately 5 minutes.

  • Duplicate the placement will generate a new unique ID and replicate the placement with all its attributes: size and SSPs details. You can then edit specific information as needed.

  • Archive the placement will make the placement disappear from the main screen but will not delete it. To view archived placements, click on the "X archived placements" link in the top left corner. If necessary, you can unarchive a placement by clicking on the "Unarchive the placement" button on the right.

If you have multiple modifications to make to your placement settings, consider utilizing the "Bulk upload" feature, as described earlier.

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