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Connect the Google Ad Manager (GAM) account

In order to generate bids on your inventory, Nexx360 needs a connection to your Google Ad Manager (GAM) account to push SSPs orders and line items. This will enable competition between your direct campaigns, Google Ad Exchange and the SSPs configured in Nexx360.
Few steps are required, see below.

1. Enable API Access

In your GAM account, go to “Admin” > “Global settings” > “Network settings” section. You need to enable API access (if it’s not already done) and add a service account user with the following information:

2.Add new GAM account

Send a message to [email protected] with your Network name and Network ID (this information can be found on the top of your GAM account menu or in the "Admin” > “Global settings” > “Network settings” section). This step will allows Nexx360 team to finalize the set up.

3. Generate SSP line items

Once the set up is finalised, the line items will be generated in your GAM account with a campaign by SSP. Then, you can find all created campaigns in your GAM account under “Nexx360 - Fast - SSP”.
If you have several GAM accounts, you need to do it fo each network.