Create VAST Config

In the tab “VAST” within the section "Configuration", you can create and manage your VAST configurations.

To create a new VAST configuration, click on "Add a VAST config" button and enter the configuration name.

Complete the various fields by referring to the OpenRTB 2.5 Imp.Video specs available here. Feel free to reach out to if you need assistance.

Callback options

After auctions have run, three scenarios can be adopted:

  • No callback

Return either a VAST tag resulting from auctions or an empty VAST.

  • VAST callback

Embed a VAST tag that will be called in case Nexx360 has no ad to serve. We provide macros to ensure GDPR items are transmitted:



0 or 1 if GDPR applies


The GDPR consent string


The url of the page where video is displayed


A unique id for the impression


Description URL

An example would be:,300x250&gdpr={GDPR}&gdpr_consent={GDPR_CONSENT}&url={REFERRER_URL}&cachebuster={CACHEBUSTER}

  • Google Tag for GAM competition

Return a Google Tag enriched with Key Value targeting. It enables competition with orders in the adserver (direct, deals, ADX...).

We need to have a classic VAST tag available, example:

For this option, Nexx360 requires a connection to your Google Ad Manager (GAM) account to push SSPs orders and line items. 👉🏼 More infos here.

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